Container House made in Australia

Container home Australia

9 containers house (build in Australia)


Tweeqle tries to give you an indication of the price of a container house. A container house consists of a number of units (containers). You pay per unit. You will probably also have other costs, such as a piece of land or permits. Please inquire about this.

  • 20 feet: 15m2 
  • 40 feet: 30m2
  • used photo is an example
  • build as big as possible

How to build or buy a container home?

1. Buy a manual


This manual tells you the cheapest way to build a container home from start to finish. the manual teaches you all about the best materials and gives you professional designs. After reading this, no professional supplier can fool you anymore. This manual is a must have.

2. Buy a container to start

You can easily use an used container. The price of a used 40 feet container is more or less € 2,000.

+/- € 2.000

3. Prepare the container for living


Setting up a 1 unit container house costs around € 15.000. This amount is really the minimum. If you want a more luxurious container house, the costs are higher.

+/- € 15.000

4. You may need land or water

You probably need land or water to place your container house. The prices vary enormously per region.

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you can also consider a floating container house